I’m officially blogging

Originally posted on Wednesday, December 28, 2011 


It’s really funny how you become inspired to start doing things. I think in my own heart of hearts I have always been a ‘ blogger’ of sorts but I guess before- we just called it randomly writing things down in a journal or in a diary. I used to post things on (oh my gosh) Myspace all the time- my thoughts my ideas my emotions. Other times and to this day I have tons of word documents saved on my computer that God help me if it crashes because nothing is backed up on my now ancient but very dependable Dell.
I guess I have started this blog because I realized I am probably not the only twenty something year old who comes from a mixed race family that has crazy thoughts about love- family-work-friends and my body. It sounds pretty typical and it might be…but it may not be.
I don’t plan on saving the world or finding the cure to cancer- although I wish I could but my sister got the smarts for that and she is the teacher in the family so maybe a child she is working with right now will go on to do just that. I am the more uh ‘quirky’ one so I write- I sing too loud and not nearly well enough to do so. 
I say the words huh? or what? not because I didn’t hear you but because it has become a terrible habit and my brain functions that way- I am trying my best to become a better listener for me, and for the ones I love but I must admit it has not been a strong point for me.
So this is just the beginning- there is a lot more about me and God only knows where this blog will go but that is OK with me- I’ve got nothing to prove here.


A little tree in Evergreen, Co totally random picture but I finally randomly decided to start blogging



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