Moving Day

Originally posted Thursday, May 9, 2013

This Friday we are moving…back to my parents house.

Jake and I have decided to take the step and try to buy a home. We will see how the process goes. It is daunting and we will see how everything pans out.
I am excited to see what the future will bring. I am also scared to see if I am ready to take on this new challenge. Sometimes I feel like my life is in the right place to take on all the responsibilities that come with buying a home, the bills, the repairs, the bills. I just don’t want to be in over my head.

I guess only time will tell, I also have to remind myself, like my friends just reminded me, buying a home does not necessarily signify “wealth”

Just because society has shown me that this is my next logical step, doesn’t mean I have to go along with it. I mean really, since when do I go along with “the plan”. I need to do things on my own schedule, and whenever I am ready to do them. So if things work out, great, if not we will figure out another plan.

So, we have decided to move back in with my parents, we are saving money, taking time to look for a home. We will see how things go, hopefully we will grow in our relationship, Jake and I, hopefully our relationship with my parents will grow in a positive way as well.

This is a picture of the home that gave me some of my favorite memories with my family in Florida


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