Todd Helton’s last home Rockies game

On September 25, 2013 Jake and I were able to go to Todd Helton’s last home Rockies game. We didn’t originally plan on going- we have been on budget, buying a house and planning a wedding will do that to you. We both felt that this would be one of those games we would remember forever. 20130925_223703

We sat way up top in the upper level but we enjoyed ourselves! I had my first ever Rockies dog (a foot long hot dog with peppers, onions, mustard and yes ketchup even though some say that is a big no-no)

We enjoyed a few beers, met up with some friends and talked about the Helton bobble-heads and the grown adults who were willing to kick over kids to try to get one. Although the Rockies lost Helton has won the heart of Colorado Rockies fans for the last 17 years. Jake was right we will remember this game and a few others in our lives.

I will always remember my first NHL game with my parents (a Florida Panthers game) that was super exciting- full of players fighting, lots of snacks and soda- and if I remember correctly we had some pretty great seats. This was also about the time when I spent most of my days connected to my dad’s hip digging up worms and avoiding showers as well as wanting to go fishing instead of the 20130925_204916mall with my mom.

I will also remember my first Denver Nuggets game with my dad. That night happened to be Fan Appreciation Night and my dad and I got chosen to go down to the court and one of the players (his name escapes me now) took the jersey off his back, signed it and gave it to me in front of the whole crowd. I looked over to my dad and his excitement was palpable! We spent the rest of the night holding on to that jersey like it was our only prized possession. We told everyone we ran into about our experience. My dad made this great frame for that jersey that I will forever value and it will always remind of such an amazing night I got to share with my dad. An amazing night like that is one I hope to share with my kids someday.

Now, I can’t say that I am a sports fanatic- or that I know a lot about sports by any means. I do know that some of the major memories I have growing up are because of sports events. When I was younger, convincing my parents to buy the expensive cotton candy and souvenir cup, and leaving with a t-shirt we would grow out of within a few months. Begging my parents for a Chicago Bulls jersey and jacket, because I was obsessed! I will remember those moments for a long time to come and I am convinced that I will do those same things for my kids someday, because maybe someday when they are my age they will look back and smile at the memories.

Helton shakes the hands of fans for the last time at Coors Field

Helton shakes the hands of fans for the last time at Coors Field


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