New Years and Soup

This blog usually consists of my food and twists on recipes. Today I am simply posting a picture of a lovely soup that I got to share with my fiancé on the day we got back from a trip to my family’s cabin to celebrate the new year. Why am I posting a picture of this soup you may ask? Well the truth is it was delicious. It was a beer, cheese and ham soup that hit the spot after a cold weekend in the mountains. Not only was the soup delicious but I got to have a great conversation with the man I love and will be spending the rest of my life with.

The year 2013 wasn’t always perfect; in fact parts of it were really hard. There were moments in which I felt like throwing in the towel. Jake and I were stuck living in an apartment with a terrible neighbor, which can really test a relationship and your sanity more than you think. We both felt tight in our financial situations. Jake and I had to learn to work with each other in many ways. Through all of it, we stuck together. We always knew that we had to be a team and we knew that if we continued to help one another we could make it through anything.1388625335849

In April we finally moved out of our apartment and in with my parents. We started a whole new adventure. We began to save up money to buy our own home. My parents welcomed us with open arms! Living in close quarters is a testament to who my family is. We drive each other crazy but we love each other unconditionally and I am so lucky that my parents love Jake just as much as I do. They have taken him in as their son. My parents love him so much that they gave him permission to ask for my hand in marriage on August 3, 2013! I so graciously and excitedly accepted! After three years of dating and me not so patiently waiting for those words to come out of his mouth he slipped a gorgeous ring on to my left hand!

So it began, we spent the next few months more seriously house hunting. We thought we had found the perfect home, we were about to sign a contract on Wednesday evening and on that very morning I was laid off from my fantastic job. I lost the job that as journalism and communications student I could not have been more blessed to have. I cried, I felt defeated and a lot of other emotions that I didn’t even know I had. Although the layoffs was due to budget cuts I felt I had done something wrong. I felt that I was inadequate and that I was not smart enough at times. I looked to my dad for guidance, he has been through a similar situation and he talked me through the low points, he helped me get back on my feet- he is good at that-my mom is good at that-my whole family is good at that.  Due to the job loss we lost the home we wanted. It was hard, we again cried and we were upset. Jake held me up, he helped me to see that the right time would come and that he would be there no matter what. He was there, even when I was mad for no reason, he was there. We knew and still know that everything happens for a reason. God has plans and we are learning that more and more each day. We continued to search for a home as I looked for a new job. Thanks to a close family friend I was able to start working for a new company and feel settled enough to begin the home search and feel confident that everything would work out.

On December 20th we closed on our perfect home. We received a wonderful Christmas present. With the help of our families and friends and the support they have given us we made it through 2013. We know we will again make it through 2014. So as we sat and had dinner and talked about our trip and the New Year and ate some really good soup I couldn’t help to think how lucky I am. I am blessed to have the man sitting next to me, talking to me about how many kids we will have some day and the next fix we need to make to our home. The family I have, no matter how crazy we can get- they are always there to support me. The family I will gain on September 27, 2014 when Jake and I are married that has accepted  us and cheered us on.

So cheers! Salud to 2014! To you and yours! Go on and have some soup, make it in fact, I have a few recipes you can try 🙂


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