Korean Beef Skillet

This recipe was originally posted on the “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner” website and it looked so yummy that I had to give it a go. In true ‘Shari Sabe’ fashion I made some changes to it and added some ingredients as well as left some out based on availability in my grocery store. The base is still the same and it turned out great!

gb peppers



1 pound Ground Beef (93% or leaner if you so choose)

2 cups baby or regular bok choy, cut into 1 inch pieces

1 red pepper chopped

1 small yellow shallot chopped

fresh ingredients

3 cloves garlic, minced

3 cup mushrooms chopped

1 can water chestnuts chopped


1/2 cup Korean barbecue sauce

1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes

1 cup cabbage (I used the precut bag mix comes with red and green cabbage, carrots and kale- the Asian blend)

Hot cooked jasmine rice (or rice of your choosing)

veg choppped



Heat large nonstick skillet over medium heat until hot. (I used my wok because it is nice and big and I love any opportunity to use it to cook!)

Add garlic and shallots and cook for 1 minute until fragrant.

onions garlic wok

Add Ground Beef, bok choy, bell pepper; cook for 4 minutes and add your mushrooms.ground beef peppers

Finish cooking your beef for 4-6 minutes, breaking into small crumbles and stirring occasionally.

Lastly add in your water chestnuts, I do this last so they keep their crunchiness.

Stir in barbecue sauce and red pepper; cook 1 to 2 minutes or until heated through, stirring occasionally.


Remove from heat.

Toss in your cabbage mix at the very end so that it also stays crunchy and let stand 5 minutes.adding cabbage

You can serve the beef skillet over rice but Jake and I loved it on its own as well.

Our skillet was a little spicy and we loved it- so if you want to omit the red pepper that works too!

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we did. I think I especially loved it because it was so quick and it was all made in one pan (wok) which does not happen often. I know Jake appreciated the lack of dishes that had to be done afterward.

final in wok