High tea at The Brown Palace

Sometimes in life you just have to take a drink with your pinky out and really soak in the moment. At high tea that is just what I did with my sister and my mom for her birthday.High Tea

We enjoyed black currant tea, green pomegranate tea and a Brown Palace special honey tea. We of course drank some champagne to top it off

.Tea and champagne

We had all the accompaniments, the cute little sandwiches with cucumber and sliced turkey as well as an egg salad sandwich.


We enjoyed some to die for scones as well as desserts. I think we all agreed that we will remember each decadent flavor for a long time to come.

Dessert at High Tea

At one point my sister Janine looked over at us as she was leaning back in her chair and said “I could sit back and sip this tea all day.” It was true, we could have done just that.Black Currant Tea

High tea was a new experience for all us. We all had a “spot of tea with our pinky out”

Cheers to my mom on her birthday and Thank you to my sister for setting up a great day for all of us.Birthday Cupcake at High Tea

Cheers to looking up every now and again and not worrying about what might be going on right now, and just letting a little tea wash away the problems.

Looking up at The Brown Palace